Yoga with Sayeeda helped me a lot with many different mental and physical problems. I do not know where to start. If I just look at the basics, in that one hour yoga session, I relax, stretch my body, and I can disconnect from the outside world and any pending tasks or problems. 

In the long run, I have got a lot of benefits from practicing with Sayeeda. She helped me to reduce anxiety, cope with daily stress, and grow spiritually. My favourite part of the session is Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga ) 

I feel really relaxed at the end of the session, and she pushes people to individual limits. Also, I she gave me good advice about how to stay sober and clean and how to prevent relapse as I am in recovery for life.

Overall I think Sayeeda is a professional Yoga teacher of all levels. She is kind, helpful, and passionate about what she is doing.