During my treatment I was broken. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Especially during detox. My body was sore and ached. I wasn’t quite sure about Yoga and what it was about but I was open to trying it and so started the Yoga sessions with Sayeeda. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure if I had the energy to do it but at the end of every session I was so glad I did. 

Sayeeda is very welcoming and easy to get on with.

Sayeeda has a great understanding of addiction and the effects this has on the human mind and body and facilitates the class around this. Sayeeda takes you on a yoga journey not only with stretches and postures but also with different breathing techniques, mindfulness and my favourite, yoga nidra.

The sessions are very chilled and it feels so good to take care of myself this way. To stretch and actually feel my physical and mental being, in a relaxing environment.

I feel very grateful and lucky to be able to do these sessions as Yoga has become an integral part of my recovery.

Thanks Sayeeda