Rob Osment

I cannot recommend Sada Yoga highly enough. Sayeeda is an excellent yoga teacher who expertly guides the sessions so everyone is comfortable whilst also making them educational and fun. I began just over a year ago with Sada Yoga beginner classes (face to face in a hall – seems a lifetime ago!). Sayeeda was incredibly welcoming and helpful to newbie yogi’s like I was, helping us learn the poses, breathing techniques and how to relax and calm the mind for practice.
Since lockdown, Sada Yoga classes have got online and these have been a lifesaver. There are flexible options for live classes or on-demand videos with classes covering from beginners to more advanced Ashtanga. Sayeeda provides really engaging and enjoyable sessions which I look forward to each week. I have benefitted so much from her teachings and if anyone is considering starting yoga or wants a new yoga teacher, Sada Yoga with Sayeeda is an excellent place to start.