Discovering My Drive – 5 Benefits Of Yoga

5 benefits of yoga

In this article, “Discovering My Drive – 5 Benefits Of Yoga,” I delve into sharing the personal aspects that continuously draw me back to my practice. The beauty of yoga lies in its diverse array of benefits, each uniquely impacting individuals. Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation. …

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How To Start A Successful Daily Yoga Practice – 5 Tips

Daily Yoga Practice

Has the thought of a daily yoga practice ever crossed your mind? Do you already get a lot of benefits from your current practice, but have an inkling that practicing every day will bring even more positive change to your life? Maybe you’ve tried to practice every day, but haven’t managed to make it stick.  Or maybe you are …

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How To Do Child’s Pose – 8 Ways

childs pose 1

Learning how to do a Child’s Pose is essential for your practice, and In this article, I’ll be explaining how to do child’s pose 8 ways. While Child’s pose is considered a rest pose, for some people it might not feel that restful. So you must have some different ways to approach the pose so …

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7 Yoga Tips for Beginners To Build Confidence

7 Yoga Tips For Beginners

Starting yoga can be a daunting thing right? In this article I will outline 7 Yoga Tips For Beginners to help you feel more confident and ready to get your practice started. Before you enter the yoga room for the first time, you might have worries about what to expect in the class. You may …

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5 Reasons Why Ashtanga Yoga is Good for Anxiety

Sada yoga IMG 0994

Are you someone who experiences anxiety? Would you like to find a way to relieve those symptom’s in a sustainable and natural way? In this article I’m going to give you 5 reasons why Ashtanga yoga is good for relieving symptom’s of Anxiety and why you should give it a go! What is Anxiety? Lets …

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Using Polyvagal Theory In Yoga

IMG 1031

In this article, you will learn about the basics of using polyvagal theory in yoga. We will cover: What is the vagus nerve? What is the nervous system? How the nervous system responds to danger. Modern Day stressors. What can we do? So lets begin… Polyvagal theory was coined by Dr. Stephen Porges details how …

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Welcome and Surrender

pexels eva elijas 6262672 scaled e1652944537937

I am extremely fond of the springtime… and as I sit here and look out of my window at the sun peeking from behind the clouds, and the blossoms on the trees beginning to emerge, my thoughts begin to ponder… As nature begins to emerge from its winter hibernation and start to sprout new life …

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You may have heard the term Chakra in your yoga class flying around a few times, but what are they, what do they do and how do the chakras relate to Yoga?  The word chakra is translated into ‘wheel’, and chakras can be described as energy wheels or energy centres, there are 7 main ones, …

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Testimonials – Yoga for Addiction, Stress & Anxiety.

IMG 1045 scaled e1665048008739

Like me, many others have found the practice of yoga to be a wonderful and sustainable tool to aid them in their recovery from addiction. Hear first hand from some of my students about their experiences of practicing yoga with me.  My deepest gratitude to those who felt able to share their story. ♥ Yoga …

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