7 Yoga Tips for Beginners To Build Confidence

Starting yoga can be a daunting thing right?

In this article I will outline 7 Yoga Tips For Beginners to help you feel more confident and ready to get your practice started.

Before you enter the yoga room for the first time, you might have worries about what to expect in the class.

You may have fears about what to wear, if people will be looking at you, or be worried about making a mistake, the list goes on and on.

When starting something new it’s normal to have questions and concerns about how things may go and what to expect.

But don’t let those things deter you from trying out this wonderful practice!

There is so much to be gained from starting yoga. The benefits run deep into the mind body and spirit, and they are a gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re just about ready to get your practice started, but worry about what’s to come, continue reading to gain that little extra confidence.

So lets get started…

7 Yoga Tips for Beginners To Build Confidence

1. Remove the idea that you need to be flexible

Ignore the pictures you see on Social Media of the super flexible doing pretzel-shaped poses.

Whilst yoga has a large physical component to it in the west, this is not the only component, and being flexible is not a prerequisite to start!

All that’s needed, is a body, a set of lungs, and the desire to get going! Meet yourself where you are at, your flexibility is likely to improve with time and practice, but remember that this is not the goal of the practice.

2. Welcome the prospect of learning something new

Learning anything new requires attention and dedication.

Students often take on the thinking that yoga is something they need to get or be ‘good’ at straight away.

Yoga is a practice of feeling and being, not doing and achieving, it will be different every day, so welcome the challenges and triumphs that come with learning something new, and embrace the journey.

Enter into the learning with enthusiasm and as if you are a child! Be fearless and just do your best!

3. Find a teacher that resonates with you

Every teacher will have a slightly different take on yoga due to how it has helped and shaped their own lives, therefore each teacher has something different to offer you.

There is a teacher out there that is a great fit for you, so do your research.

Use Social Media, websites, blogs, etc to know more about teachers and their offerings, if you resonate with what they are saying then that’s a good indicator that they are a good fit for you.

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4. Have an open mind

It’s a guarantee that beginning a yoga practice will introduce you to some practices, ideas, and information that you have not yet come across.

To get the most out of your journey, approach every class and your practice with an open mind, take what works for you, leave what does not, but be open to receiving – you don’t know what you don’t yet know!

5. Be prepared to get to know yourself

Through the introspective nature of the practices, we have a real opportunity to learn about ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, & emotionally.

It is a beautiful journey of self-discovery which we can use to better our lives in so many ways.

6. Embrace the challenges

The process may at times bring up some challenging experiences, including emotions and sensations that we may not have been expecting.

Meeting ourselves through yoga can sometimes feel a little ‘icky’, but that’s ok! Remember that Yoga isn’t always about feeling zen and having good vibes only.

Part of the practice is learning how to allow whatever arises in each moment to come to the surface and be fully present with it.

7. Start small and build your practice up

Go slow with yourself. Not just with the frequency of your practice but with your intensity in class too. Start with one or two classes a week, and gradually increase the frequency of your practice.

When in class, listen to the teacher, and opt for the lower intensity option in poses first as you learn, then build up to higher intensity as grow into your practice.

So there you have it, my 7 Yoga Tips For Beginners to get you feeling confident and ready to start your practice.

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