Yoga Nidra For Beginners

Welcome stillness into the body and mind with Yoga Nidra for Beginners.

In this recording, a thorough explanation is given to set the body up as comfortably as possible so that you can rest back and explore the depths of Yoga Nidra.

To make the most out of this practice, have these props available:

  • A blanket to cover yourself
  • A pillow for under the knees
  • A thin pillow for behind the head
  • Something to cover the eyes, either an eye pillow or scarf.

Make sure you can practice in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.

In this practice, you will be guided through a body scan, breath awareness, and free-flow visualisation.

Please only listen to this recording when you can give it your full attention and do not listen when you are driving or working, this recording may make you sleepy.

Enjoy the wonderful benefits available to you with this Yoga Nidra for Beginner’s Practice!

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2 thoughts on “Yoga Nidra For Beginners”

  1. You are inspiring and have helped me regain some confidence, trying to put myself first sometimes, this is extremely hard for me, but l will give it my best, plus most important you have the gift of making me laugh, best medicine xx

    • Thank you for the comment and kind words Gillie, you are doing great work with your practice. Doing your best is all you can do. Keep it up! Look forward to our next session. x


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